Engaging With Aging: a guide to aging like no other

Front cover of ebook Engaging With Aging. Gems from Doris Carnevali's blog. Edited by Rachel McAlpine.Drawing of an old woman examining her sore big toe through a magnifying glass.
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Is old age on your mind, for whatever reason? From today, you can get a guide to aging like no other. Engaging With Aging is a simplified, shortened ebook based on Doris Carnevali’s brilliant blog of the same name. I’ve selected about half Mrs Carnevali’s 230+ blog posts and edited them to smooth their transition from blog to book. Whether you know her work or not, this is an easy introduction to her unique approach to aging. It updates an earlier version to November 2022.

For the last four years I have been singing the praises of Doris Carnevali’s blog about her personal experience of advanced aging. (She began blogging at the age of 95.) I have talked about her repeatedly, endlessly, boringly! But the book will not bore you. On the contrary, it is imbued with the experience of a centenarian, the scientific knowledge of a former Professor of Nursing, not to mention her personal humour, creativity, integrity and wisdom.

Who needs this unique guide to aging ?

Comments show how strongly readers react to the blog. Those facing the prospect of their own advanced aging. Those worrying about elderly parents. Nurses, carers, and other health professionals. Young people wanting to understand the experience of their grandparents.

Readers in these situations say they feel huge relief that they are not alone in their struggles. They are glad to have, for once, advice from someone who is older than they are, someone who has lived to 100 and knows what it’s actually like.

Share the secret

I’ve laboured over this manuscript, wanting to give you a joyful introduction to the work of my hero, Doris Carnevali. Please do read it and tell others about it too. (You are a blog reader, but I’m betting many if not most of your friends would rather read a book, even an ebook!) Maybe you’ll mention it on your own blog. Maybe you will talk about it on social media or over coffee with a friend. Maybe you will link to this blog post — terrific, any and all of the above.

And of course you will nip back to Amazon and give Engaging With Aging a few stars. Pretty please?

Two distinct works: a blog is not a book

The blog is a blog, written by Mrs Carnevali. Not a book. The book is a book, edited by Rachel McAlpine. Not a blog.

Books and blogs are different in form, style, layout, structure, culture, conventions and purpose. Editing one form into another requires so many changes that the original material is transformed into something quite new. This is true even when a blog is written with the intention of being republished as a book.

I’ve done my very best to retain the tone and meaning of the original, even when abbreviating it severely. Please forgive me when I fail, because I’m only human.

Will there be a paperback of Engaging With Aging?

This is a long-held goal of mine but it won’t happen for a few months at least. Right now I’m overloaded and over-committed. Please let me know by email if you are keen to have a paper version of the book: advance orders will either motivate me (if there are plenty) or not.

Sample raves about Doris Carnevali’s original blog

Front cover of ebook Engaging With Aging. Gems from Doris Carnevali's blog. Edited by Rachel McAlpine.Drawing of an old woman examining her sore big toe through a magnifying glass.
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4 thoughts on “Engaging With Aging: a guide to aging like no other

  1. Sheree says:

    No, old age isn’t something I worry about.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Good to know.

      1. Sheree says:

        Thanks Rachel

  2. Lois Roelofs says:

    Thanks for posting. I’ve purchased the book and look forward to reading. I’m only 80, but I too taught nursing and have my second memoir coming out soon. It includes blog posts but in context with my husband’s terminal cancer. My first memoir chronicled my nursing career. I look forward to following Doris’ blog also!

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