A safe, shareable, shipshape home

The first task in my boot camp for the bonus years was to audit and adapt my apartment for old age. I do own my apartment which makes me very privileged and grateful. I love my home and try to treat it well. But was it sufficiently safe, shareable, and shipshape for the very old person that I would one day be?

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Shaping your own old age

WIth the prospect of longevity, I wanted to do something to improve my chances of a happy, healthy old age. It was an enormous goal, so I broke it into 12 modules and tiny actions. I would be shaping my own old age.

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Research on aging

To prepare for my future as a very old woman I did a review of research on aging. Now I had data for an evidence-based self-help programme for well-being in old age.

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My year of being old

When I turned 75, I discovered to my horror that I probably still had many years of life ahead. To age positively, I made many small changes and my feelings changed from terror to optimism. I hope my year of being old inspires you. Doing something feels so much better than leaving your fate to Fate.

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