Fixing my old-lady voice

At 75, I wanted to fix my weak and creaky old-lady voice. Let me tell you how that worked out. I’m Rachel McAlpine, I’m learning how to be old, and I’m talking to you, with my very own voice.

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Prevent loneliness in old age

At 75 I wondered whether my social life was future-proofed, if that’s possible. Research shows that loneliness is literally a killer, so I wanted to be proactive and prevent loneliness in old age. It’s hard to make friends when you’re very old, which I would be one day. So I audited my social life and took two small steps to improve it.

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Commit to hobbies for a happy old age

I decided to commit to hobbies as part of my preparation for old age. Hobbies provide a transition from paid employment to retirement, plus friendships, a role, and a chance for perpetual learning. I love my singing and dancing groups, but would I pass my hobbies-audit?

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Manage finances for old age: boot camp for the bonus years

“Manage finances for old age” was the fourth task in my boot camp for the bonus years. I was 75 and likely to live to 98: would my retirement savings last that long? I had no idea. I really, really didn’t want to listen to a financial adviser. Yet now, with a realistic budget and a sound financial plan, I know where I stand.

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