My year of being old

When I turned 75, I discovered to my horror that I probably still had many years of life ahead. To age positively, I made many small changes and my feelings changed from terror to optimism. I hope my year of being old inspires you. Doing something feels so much better than leaving your fate to Fate.

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Patterns and surprises in old age

Will your life be boring when you are old? Will there still be surprises in old age? I know there can be many delightful surprises in even the simplest of lives, and that this is likely to be true for you as well.

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Another word for old

This episode of How To Be Old is about the language we use to talk about people who are not young. Why are people so hungry for another word for old? Seems there’s no word that everyone is comfortable with — but some words are slightly more acceptable.

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Beauty tips for older women

In this episode of How to Be Old I’ll tell you how I personally carry out my beauty care. Some could find this alarming. I don’t really recommend my slapdash routine as beauty tips for older women.

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