Almost computerless

Sorry, my little MacBook Air β€” I didn’t mean to insult you. Until now you have played the role of my cafe-computer, my travel toy, frequently in use but never taken seriously.

This week I’m using you in earnest as my primary, well to be honest, my only computer. You have never had quite enough grunt to do any of my “serious” work. Those video courses are on the back burner while your young sibling MacBook Pro is at the hospital. For another week. Another WEEK! Imagine that!

Deep breaths. Zen calm. Farewell to self-imposed deadlines. Farewell to that illusion of urgency. Nothing is urgent. I could die tomorrow. Meanwhile this time is dedicated to lightweight management chores, catch-up tasks, and pleasurable self indulgence.

Such as writing this kindly letter to Air. I appreciate you more than ever, little one. Even as you front up to temporary promotion, you have forced me to r-e-l-a-x and admit that what I call work is never anything but pleasurable self-indulgence.

Thanks sweetie. You are doing fine. And even at the advanced age of six and a half, you are still utterly gorgeous.

9 thoughts on “Almost computerless

  1. I’ve never used a mac anything but have often wondered about acquanitng myself with one. I’m currently using a Lynx tablet which is Microsoft’s idea of a joke, I think!
    I hope your other Mac-friend gets well soon. πŸ™‚

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    1. Macs are easy… but not when your fingers have learned another system. Lynx? I won’t go there but pre-Air I briefly had a tiny Asus for travel. Ugh. My ailing MacBook Pro is more employee than friend. Perhaps I am a mean boss.

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      1. I have been looking at Macs lately, but decided against getting one as I’d want to reset all all sorts of things I don’t like (animated taskbar, drop down notifications and Siri, just for starters) and I realised that I’d not only have to learn a new system but where all the settings are and how to change things and then all my stuff is on external hard drives whose file system isn’t compatible, so I’d have to transfer everything twice… eek! I’ll stick to Windows. I hate it but at least I know how to use it. πŸ™‚
        I’m also a ‘mean boss’… I hope your macbook is working now. Sorry, I’ve been off my blog for a while and haven’t been reading any posts. x

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  2. I do all my writing and blogging on my MacBook Air and love it because I can write under a shady tree in my yard, in my sunroom, on my bed, at the kitchen counter or, if I must, in my office. Of course we have a workhorse desktop iMac for everything else, but the Air is my treasure.

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  3. You understand. I fell in love at first sight with the first Mac Air — at last, I’ve waited so long! Finally, a truly lightweight model as a travelling companion. Yes, a treasure.


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