Skiting about our fiercely feminist great-grandmother

Ada Wells: suffrage warrior, feminist, healer, mystic, and matriarch.

It’s just over 100 years since Ada Wells became the first woman ever elected to the Christchurch City Council. And what an uproar she caused! A beautiful, brave, bossy, bloody difficult woman. My five sisters and I are proud to be of her tribe.

A short article that catches the flavour of her life: All About Ada 

12 thoughts on “Skiting about our fiercely feminist great-grandmother

      1. It was in the early 1990’s Rachel. It is a pastoral and mining area with some Indigenous communities as well. Very blokey territory!

  1. First, I have to thank you for skiting, a word I’d not seen, despite being an avid reader since the age of 6. I had to look it up; at nearly 70, learning a new word still gives me joy. Second, thank you for sharing the link to the story of your remarkable great-grandmother. What a smart, courageous, determined soul she was. I imagine her grandchildren and great-grandchildren are equally tenacious and outspoken where cause demands. I certainly hope so!

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