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When talking with friends, their philosophical thoughts fly by and we may toss them around a little before we move on. But often, I want to hold those thoughts in my own mind a little longer. Maybe I need to incorporate them into my own practical philosophy. Then it helps me if I make such useful thoughts into a poem.

In this case—as our time on earth is so precious, so limited, why not weigh everything we do in terms of its value? Always the question has more than one answer, layer upon layer. We can stop at any layer, our choice…

Maddie’s thought

Why am I doing this thing?
There is always an answer, if only
But why? and again,
OK, but why?

There are so many books
in the world, good books.
Is this the one I want to read?
But why?

poem and pic by rachel mcalpine cc by 2.0; more poems at

10 thoughts on “Maddie’s thought

  1. Okay Rachel, what is in the picture? Looks like a snake, but then it doesn’t.

    1. Ha ha! That’s what I thought. But it’s a piece of eucalyptus bark that fell.

      1. cedar51 says:

        wow, when i re-look at that object – I suppose it has similarities to “bark” but now it truly looks like some type of stocking (elongated) some how… great talking point for sure.

  2. Thanks for explaining that! I thought it might be a snake, too! Yikes!

    1. A scary sight in New Zealand where there are no snakes.

      1. floatinggold says:

        Wow. How curious. I had no idea!

  3. floatinggold says:

    We always like getting to the bottom of things. Asking why. It consumes us. Wastes energy. Sometimes we need to let go and ask: “why not?”.

    1. Good point! I like it.

  4. cedar51 says:

    after reading the answers to that picture object, I had to go back and re-read your actual post 🙂 Sometimes, we see value both in “good for us” and then “why did I do that?” We wonder before “should I”, in the middle we are either considering we “stop this” or we are so busy with the middle, we forget we weren’t even going to start/do… and at the end, we are back to considering “was that a waste of time or not…”

    I’ve been questioning my current study, particularly as I’m doing it via distance delivery and a lot of time, I actually have no real hands on – help/instruction. All my work goes digitally (yes only to Taita, NZ) but it means the mentor has no real conception of the feel, the look…nor understand me. Yes talking on the phone can “show” what is happening, but maybe if I was sitting across from them, they would see something quite different… If I need to learn something, I have to find that via network up here, as there is no local support – recently I discovered there were just 16 of us located in this region… and I actually know one of them, but he is a level below me and working in quite a different medium.

    I’ve got my renewal enrollment form, but so far it’s only filled in, not sent…I’m waiting to hear back from them, on whether i continue with my current mentor or I have to get a new one. I would prefer to stay with current, but that may not be an option.

    1. Yes, I aim for more awareness in the moment, or better, before I begin an activity. Distance learning is notoriously difficult. Your online network or Facebook page for your is where you might find your peers. But this is certainly the moment to pause and consider: why am I doing this? as an objective question. Good luck.

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