The case of the missing blog posts

I am darned if I’ll write more than a couple of lines… because my last few blog posts have been kidnapped. This is just a test. Will this link do as instructed or lead you to Badlands 404?

Update on the missing blog posts

Problem solved, for now. Everything back in place. It was the pixies.

Of most concern were some drafts and scheduled posts: not yet published but almost ready to go. Along with the last few blog posts they had apparently vanished from my blog. My friends and followers were receiving the usual automated emails alerting them to a new post. Then they’d click on the link provided and land on a 404 (bad link,no-such-page) page.

No likes, no comments for about a week. Funny, I thought. What I had done to offend you nice people? Because it had to be my fault, right?

Then the phantom posts all reappeared again, and we’re kind of back to normal, I think.

I  haven’t copied or saved anything. I’m going to trust in the mighty community of WordPress developers to carry on doing their magic.


31 thoughts on “The case of the missing blog posts

  1. Gail Rehbein says:

    Hi Rachel, yes this link worked!

    1. Wow, that is great news, thank you! So far so good.

  2. lifecameos says:

    I have seen several comments lately on strange thins happening to other people’s blogs lately. I hope this continues to work for you.

    1. Oh really? If WordPress broke … doesn’t bear thinking about.

      1. lifecameos says:

        No it doesn’t.

  3. I found this post, but I mourn the ones that got kidnapped! 🙁

    1. We will summon Mr Holmes. I can’t even remember what they are.

      1. Oh, don’t you hate that? I mean the memory thing, or lack thereof! 😛

      2. Not so much. A vacuum is a delightful idea-magnet.

      3. LOL 🙂

  4. says:

    No, all is well in the Goodlands you may continue writing 🙂 All the best Eva


    1. Phew. Thank you!

  5. Bernadette says:

    Got it😊

  6. Robyn Haynes says:

    Safely linked! ☺️

  7. Dan Antion says:

    I made it here. I have been 404’d on a few of your recent posts.

    1. Oh thank you for persevering. The WP team will inspect the site on Saturday.

  8. They’re usually very helpful. My replies to posts were ending up as spam and they sorted it pretty quickly. Good luck with yours.

    1. By “they” you mean–?

      1. Because my WP team are my neighbours!

      2. WordPress.

      3. Because WP is open source I always forget they have an official team 🙂

  9. Val says:

    All your recent posts are listed in your ‘recent posts’ widget in your side panel, Rachel, and I can see all of them on the home page which is where they should be. Have you looked at the old dashboard to see if the posts are visible (as a list) to you from there? To get to them (in case you nornally use the new interface instead and don’t know how to locate them) you go to then look at the side panel where you’ll see ‘Posts’. Put your cursor on that (no need to click) and another menu will appear with, amongst other thing on it: All Posts. Click on that. You should see all your posts there. If you put your cursor on each post title some options will appear below them should you need to edit or view any from there. (Avoid the ‘quick edit’ link there as it has always been a bit glitchy.)

    By the way, I think what davekingsbury (your previous commenter) meant by ‘they’ was the staff. They certainly are very helpful but it might take a while as they are always horrendously busy!

    1. Thank you Val. This is so kind of you. But certain posts really had vanished and not just from my WP platform. (For a few days people got a 404 message when they clicked on a link from an automated email message.) Then the posts reappeared. I will find the reason — but maybe it was just the pixies again.

  10. lifecameos says:

    Just been going through my list of follows to find a blogger whose posts I enjoy and whose posts I have not seen recently. While searching I found several of them had been “unfollowed” – and it was not by me. I will be going through my list again sometimes to check they/I have not been disconnected.

    1. I hope the glitch fixes itself after a few days as mine did. But hey I am still following you. I think!

      1. lifecameos says:

        You were when I last looked !

  11. The gremlins do like to tease us now and again!

    1. That one turned out to be a common feature at the time. But there’s no shortage of others.

  12. I find myself double checking things now. But I have been receiving yours daily.

    1. That’s good news.

  13. Got it all the way over the Pond!

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