Long Song Of The Unyoung

Cartoon of worried people looking at an old person with walking sticks

What’s it all about?

This is the story of you, as you are now
or as you will be one day: unyoung.
It looks like the story of me
as I tackle the shock of me being old right now
and watch the spooky movie of me getting even older
sliding every day towards the ranks of the oldest old
as I windsurf over the silver wave and on to the golden tide
of the super-old and stay there barrelling on and on
until I flip and tumble off, in other words I die.
It looks like the story of me as I think
about what that means for now today this minute
and for the future. But no, I’m not the subject
and this is not a memoir. This is the story of you.

About the Long Song Of The Unyoung

I’ve launched into a read-aloud book about ageing, ranging from childhood experiences to the labours of Hercules and my boot camp for the bonus years. I want it to speak directly to your fears and hopes and happies, if you are aware that you have joined the ranks of the unyoung, or will do so one day. And yes, it’s in loose verse so it looks funny but I promise it will be very easy to understand. Not your enigmatic, intellectual poetry but more like the words to a song: a long song, but a simple song, romping along at quite a pace.

The bits I post on my blog will not be in order, so you won’t get the story or the structure of the eventual book. But you’ll get the flavour, and each part will make sense on its own.

Text and terrible drawing by Rachel McAlpine CC BY 2.0. Share freely, please do, as long as you say I’m the writer.

31 thoughts on “Long Song Of The Unyoung

  1. very nice indeed…but if you feel at any time, you don’t want to continue, made a post and we shall no doubt understand.

    last week, I was waiting for a bus and this young woman was waiting also, she got out her AT Hop card which is navy blue and then dropped it on the ground, that is when she realised she had the wrong “blue card out of her purse” – somehow I mentioned my AT Hop was gold… she looked at me astonished “YOU can’t be entitled to one of those…you look younger than my mother, and she hasn’t got one…because she isn’t old enough…”

    then another woman at the stop, got in on the action – I felt I almost had to get our my official gov’t gold card which happens to have my mugshot on it (I’ve no other current photo ID)

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  2. Rachel – great post. I’d love to learn from you on embedding an audio file in a post. Could you provide insights or perhaps a future post on writing for those with tired eyes?

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  3. I absolutely love your idea for your next book and the tidbit you supplied for us. I can’t wait for you to finish. It will be splendid and I’ll want to share it with everyone I know. Were you the reader on the audio?

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