‘Bye for now (bloggerel doggerel)

Cat looking forlorn beside a packed suitcase.
Ursula lurking beside the dreaded packed case. She knows what that means.

Six days from now I’m going to Seoul
as writer in residence on blogging sabbatical.
I’ll fly to Korea and live there for weeks.
I may lurk on the blog, I may take the odd peek
maybe drop the odd photo or make the odd squeak

but in essence my blog goes on holiday now
I’m taking a bow
while I change to a gracious and dignified self
and focus on writing that goes on a shelf
and join in a writers’ community
at the Seoul Art Space —Yeonhui.

Please notice the lack of my yackity yack.
I’ll miss you—will you miss me back?
I’ll be home in October and I’ll be on fire
I’ll be newly inspired

but meantime you know, I’ve just gotta pack
get my passport and stuff in my wee haversack
and tidy my flat
and top up the food for my stay-at-home cat—
so goodbye—cheerio—haere ra!

Audio version of this blog post

You won’t want to share this one: sometimes a bad poem is harder to write than a good one, and I succeeded here! It’s the thought that counts, I’m told.


28 thoughts on “‘Bye for now (bloggerel doggerel)

  1. safe journey – i’ll try and catch up on missed blog posts – my trip away last week wasn;t for fun, but a kind of learning experience “when what happens when the GP says this isn’t going to be fixed with a pill…and sends you to hospital emergency dept”

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  2. Hi Rachel – sounds amazing … I’m sure you’ll have the most incredibly interesting time … and let us know all kinds of nitty gritty on life in Korea. What fun … just enjoy – and glad the cat will be fed – take care and I’ll be happy to have you back … cheers Hilary

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  3. I’ll miss you back! I’m going to be in Berlin but family will be filling my world there. Not writing. But I’m sure to be writing even so. Maybe not blogging, I’ll have to see how easy / hard that becomes. Enjoy!!! Hear from you in October, rover.

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  4. Travel safe and enjoy! Enjoy every moment. Can’t wait to hear about it on your return. Trust me, this reader will miss you. Now: on to the more important issue – your poor, abandoned Ursula … you had better scour the Korean pet shops for lavish placatory gifts otherwise the climate on your return will be glacial. I know whereof I speak. An offended feline companion requires major owner bribes.

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  5. My warm thanks to every one of you who kindly left a comment here. You know why I didn’t reply, of course — but yes, I will have some wonderful experiences, enjoy my visit, stay safe, and bring back treats for Ursula the cat without expecting anything in return. As for sharing my experiences, well … I may just post photos with a word or two here, as if on Instagram. Or not post a single thing: I have no idea what lies ahead. Meantime, happy blogging, one and all!


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