8 thoughts on “Silent Sundays — wallflowers

  1. Oh, and how we dreaded, back ‘in the day’ ever being a ‘wallflower’…. (at the Stoke Hall dance on a Saturday night).

    1. Fate worse than death

  2. Beautiful and happy Sunday to you too Rachel

  3. Cathy Cade says:

    they grow wild in my front garden. They were here when we moved in and appear in a new place each year – sometimes the middle of the drive 🙁

    1. The best! I love the scent

  4. Over Soil says:

    The grew on the top of the sandstone walls in Old Duston, Northampton and now I don’t know if any do? For now I see on Google Earth that there’s so many houses along Meeting Lane instead of an open space, but wait, there’s still a sandstone wall in the gap next to the Coop. Maybe nature still has that space?

    1. Maybe you need to go back and inspect the territory in person

      1. Over Soil says:

        No way, those days are gone and only a remnant of a ghost of memories reside there. In fact there’s a song that’s just came to mind thinking about it: There’s A Ghost In My House ~ R. Dean Taylor

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