A good day in lockdown: stuff happened

Screenshot of Zoom danceability class

Dancing for P.D. (Parkinsons Disease): instructor Rachel Horwell on Zoom

I have had a good day in lockdown, In fact it’s been my most exciting, action-packed day since we went into lockdown. Stuff happened! On Zoom I attended two poetry readings. (Neu! Reekie! in Scotland and The Shuffle in London.) Also three dance classes. Also I had a very civilized phone conversation with my 8-year-old grandson. And a walk, of course. The icing on the cake: I had a Good Idea, which is quietly incubating under my skull.

Now that’s what I call a good day—a proper day. It wasn’t like every other day, for a start. And I wonder whether maybe I can differentiate Sundays in future with early morning poetry readings in the Northern Hemisphere and maybe a dance event…

The dancing was part of International Dance Day (today): I learned a scarf dance from Madagascar and did two Hawaiian hulas with our lovely instructor Liora. But the most novel experience was doing a bunch of dances with Rachel Horwell, instructor in Danzability and Dancing for PD (parkinson’s Disease patients. I’ve always been curious about this, and the dances were simple but fun and very well designed to stretch, relax, energise and activate bodies with problems of mobility and control. So I learned a good deal from Rachel (such a good name).

I hope you also had a good day today. And that seven more good days lie ahead.

14 thoughts on “A good day in lockdown: stuff happened

  1. We had a good day, too. We enjoy storms and each got an alert on our phones that thunderstorms were approaching. We sat on the front porch to watch lightning and hear thunder reverberate in the mountains. The temperature dropped suddenly. Tiny balls of hail made a racket on our car. What a show!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Exciting and beautiful too.

  2. You’re having way too much fun! 🙂 🙂

  3. I so enjoy reading your posts. Inspiring and uplifting as always. Thank you 🙏

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Michelle, thank you!

      1. Your very welcome.

  4. cedar51 says:

    2 ingredients in the current food-box – took me to a different meal tonight. I didn’t use the whole pouch of Kashmir Curry as I’m not truly into “curry” and I don’t think the coconut cream lowered the “fire” – but I ate most of it with extra vegetables and small amount of the seared pieces of chicken – then discovered I was a little hot (face).

    Went to the bathroom and yes there were a few beads of sweat and a rather red cheeks! So dashed back to the fridge and drunk some cold milk…

    I eat something a little calmer tomorrow night…but the rest of the pouch will certainly be for another meal, maybe some of the sausages that were also in the food-box…

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      That sounds like a good day in lockdown.

  5. Cathy Cade says:

    Danzability sounds useful as well as fun. Yesterday we broke up two sheds and burned them with the help of kindling from the eucalyptus that was bolwn down in our garden (onto the sheds) when the winds blew in February. That stuff really burns! I can understand how Australia caught fire so quickly, I was ekeing it out so it didn’t set fire to what’s left of the tree.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Whee, what a day you had.

  6. Sadje says:

    This is wonderful!

  7. Rachel is a super name isn’t it. I’m sure I’ve heard it elsewhere!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I love how many things you have found to do on line. It turns out that here more people are attending the Mass on line than went in person! I wonder if that is going to be true for things like the free theatre performances.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      How interesting. I suspect more people stood outside their homes at dawn on ANZAC Day than used to attend a dawn service. But I don’t know.

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