Creative process: how to draw eyes?

comic page with odd drawings of eyes as leaves, hedgehog and "e"s.

Peek into the creative process. It’s a mystery!

I can’t draw eyes. I can’t draw anything! But I try. For me, the joy is in the creative process —not the end product or payment. Today, for instance. my version of an eye morphed into a leaf, a hedgehog and the letter e.

This is the sort of drawing that I wouldn’t normally share, because it’s a glimpse into my busy brain in flight, in creativity mode.

[UPDATED.] I’m preparing to set up a DONATE button on my website. This will enable people (you?) to contribute to my creative activities with a few dollars now and then. Even a small amount will free me to focus all my attention on this website and to be more myself in my various endeavours—surely at 80 I should be allowed that? You will get more insights into the creative process (mine and yours) and get to know more about my life. It’s going to be fun.

My purpose in asking for donations will be to escape yet another situation where I’m following other people’s rules and guidelines. On my podcast and this blog, I am the authentic me. But I’m constantly tempted into new ventures where I might as well be working for a corporation—but without a salary! That’s got to stop, agree? For example, instead of polishing up yet another professional course for another platform, I’ll be able to deliver a flow of smaller exercises and insights. Even a small financial return will be emotionally satisfying.

I want to keep entertaining and stimulating you, especially in this historic crisis of COVID-19. For your occasional donation, you will get my intense gratitude.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I almost never ask for money: it’s so boring compared with drawing or writing or exploring. The downside is that I do have expenses.

Thank you for reading this. Now that I’ve told you, I’d better get that donation button on to the website quick smart.

3 thoughts on “Creative process: how to draw eyes?

  1. Bon chance with your new venture! Eye thought your drawings quite good, btw …

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Ho ho ho.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The hedgehog won me over.

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