I give, you give: the Paypal donations plan

drawing of woman receiving coins in one hand and releasing hearts and flowers and stars with the other. I give, you give.

I give, you give. Sweet symmetry of Paypal donations

So, today’s Bad Drawing is a first hint of my plan to enable you to support my work with future Paypal donations.

I’m an early bird, and it’s too late at night right now (19:11!) for me to think clearly. Yet I do have a clear plan and rationale to invite you to help me make all my courses and resources, all my efforts to encourage and amuse you in this pandemic freely available to everyone, whether you have a few coins to spare or not.

Why ask for your support at this time?

It all hangs together with a sweet symmetry. I do have expenses for my podcast, courses, blog and poems, you see, and my supplementary income has evaporated in the pandemic. Yet for this very reason I want to charge readers and students even less (as in zero) rather than more.

Second instalment about Paypal Donations tomorrow.

This 1,000 mile journey has begun.

Sleep well!


2 thoughts on “I give, you give: the Paypal donations plan

  1. Sadje says:

    All the best Rachel. 💖

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I look forward to your plans.