Please help me make creative resources for troubled times

I’ve taken a deep breath and now I’m asking you to contribute to my work. That’s if you like it, of course, and think it is useful. Any amount helps—even just a couple of dollars! Your gift will make me so happy.

These are troubled times.

  • Because of the pandemic, roughly a third of my income has evaporated.
  • Because of the pandemic, I want to make all my courses and resources free and accessible to everyone, not just to those who purchase something.
  • Because of the pandemic, I’m strongly motivated to encourage, entertain and inspire you.
  • Because of the pandemic, I’m especially keen to help those who are almost old or already old.

Your donation will help me to achieve these goals instead of diverting my time and energy to paid work. (By now, I know that I work faster and better when I follow my own star.)

I’ve got so many new ideas, so many creative resources for troubled times in the pipeline. Through your support, I can finish them soon, while they are most needed … and, I hope, before my own precious time runs out.

2 thoughts on “Please help me make creative resources for troubled times

  1. Prue D says:

    You are doing amazing work Rachel, full of wisdom, humour and not a little artistic merit! I feel privileged to be able to contribute to your goals to make your ideas available to many😊👏🏻

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Prue, I’m so excited and so honoured. You have made my day.

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