Sketchnotes for Old People and Their Computers in Lockdown

Sketchnotes for OLD PEOPLE AND THEIR COMPUTERS IN LOCKDOWN, Rachel McAlpine writer, blogger, podcaster, 80! By Rebecca Jackson for M365 MAY.

So, I have always admired people who can do sketchnotes. It’s a mighty skill which I’ve tried a few times to master (but not very hard)—fail! You have to cram everything on a single page and pick up the main points on the fly, while listening to a presentation. It’s like a mind-map, in some ways, but more demanding, because it’s mapping somebody else’s thoughts as they share them. You don’t have an overview before you start, you don’t know what main points they will make.

So I think Rebecca Jackson is pretty darn talented to produce these sketchnotes, which are a visual summary of my talk for M365 MAY.

You can see the original with her comments on Flickr. Note the Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Here’s her Flickr page with many more examples of her visual communication work.

PS I know I said I’d get that donations button up today. It almost happened but not quite. Tomorrow maybe?

2 thoughts on “Sketchnotes for Old People and Their Computers in Lockdown

  1. LA says:

    Love the sketch notes thing…fun!!

  2. Joared says:

    I’m impressed!

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