Good news. I’m not blogging today—instant poem

Photo of multicoloured aging hydrangeas in dull pink, brown and blue
I’m not blogging today, and hydrangeas will never seem the same since my friend called them “mouldy”

Good news. I’m not blogging today

Good news! I'm not blogging today
I'm not talking to you
I'm not sharing my breakfast 
or lunch with you
I'm not letting you see my pedicured home
I will leave you alone 

Lucky you! One less link
you'll whack today
one less notion to follow
one less grammar mistake
to clobber
I am keeping my thoughts
to myself today

Too soon? Too soon.
There I go
writing stuff down with my fingertips
thinking my thoughts
moving my lips
tempted to drop
unsolicited tips

And privately 
by a seven-line jaggedy
randomly assonanced raggedy pattern
behind closed eyes

~ automatically downloaded from the brain of Rachel McAlpine who is not blogging today, 3 March 2022

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12 thoughts on “Good news. I’m not blogging today—instant poem

  1. I’m not commenting today, either, except to say that I love hydrangeas in any condition. Such a magnificent plant!

  2. myrak says:

    Hi Rachel, Loved todays non blog. Thankyou. “Some cheese varieties like blue cheese have specific species of mold that are intentionally added during the cheesemaking process to enhance the flavor of texture. The mold added to these cheeses can be thought of as a special ingredient.”….maybe change your brain association of the word mould…I immediately thought of very delicious cheese. So your hydrangeas have a special ingredient. Love Myra

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      I’m not commenting on this delightfulthought

  3. The brain dun gud, but don’t let it know, they tend to get uppity!

  4. I enjoyed your brain-loaded words. Alas, I lack the skill to reply in kind. I’ll talk to you another day.

  5. judithhb says:

    Not commenting as I’m not sharing today

  6. alison41 says:

    What does Ursula have to say about this decision?

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      No comment

      1. alison41 says:

        Of course. Silly me.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    You must have taken lessons from when my daughter was 3 and announced “I am never talking to you again!!!”

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      That’s this morning’s laugh out loud moment, thank you.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Glad for the laugh. We need them.