Resting after Covid: 5th wave arrives

NOTE: I need this reminder to rest after Covid, now that the 5th wave of Covid has arrived. It’s easy to lecture others, not so easy to remember for ourselves. Friends all say they ration their energy and are very cautious about over-exertion. But it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s all in the mind.

What I wrote a year ago: still valid, still difficult

I’m doing my civic duty: resting after Covid. Had my first dose of Covid and came out the other side. And now that I’m officially over Covid, I am preparing to Rest in the Face of Great Temptation.

I know, I know. You don’t want to hear another word about Covid. You’re over it.

This is just to report that on Tuesday, my first Big Day Out, I went for a little walk. Destination: park bench. I had a little sit down. I thought about a project I’m working on. And then I walked home again.

Photo of a wooden park bench on rough grass beside a pathway leading into forest
Park bench in the sun: perfect for a post-Covid exercise in Resting

Advanced Diploma in Resting

I don’t want long Covid, and a thousand experts and victims have told us to take it easy after even a mild case, which mine was.

While I was sick, I rapidly gained the basic skills of Resting. I can now Rest in Bed, Rest on a Bed, Rest in a Bath, Rest on a Couch and Rest in a Rocking Chair. I can Rest Before Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I can Rest After Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. I could give master classes in Resting, and perhaps I shall. I have mastered Coughing While Resting, Reading While Resting, and Drinking Water While Resting.

Post-Covid, I have added to my repertoire. I can now Rest on a Park Bench. Tentatively, I believe I am now capable of Resting in the Face of Great Temptation while my friends the Crows Feet dance their hearts out on stage this Saturday.

Perhaps on Saturday I will attain my Advanced Diploma in Resting, which includes Resting While Sobbing. Sobbing with frustration because of course I believe I could romp through the seven short dances I was in. Maybe I will get distinction in the Advanced Diploma by reaching the pinnacle of this discipline: Self-righteous Resting. Because I will be doing the right thing, Prophylactic Resting. Resting now to prevent Bad Long Covid from breaching my defences in the future.

That’s all.

It’s over. Or it will be soon.

PS I know there’s no guarantee. But I’ll try hard to do the right thing anyway.

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37 thoughts on “Resting after Covid: 5th wave arrives

  1. Myra says:

    Takes such great discipline to care for ourselves. Congratulations on following the science. So sorry Re your loss of dancing this time round.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Thanks, Myra! You’re right, it can be an effort.

  2. Myra says:

    So glad you are recovering. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. auntyuta says:

    “Resting now to prevent Bad Long Covid from breaching my defences in the future.”

    I too believe that a good rest helps enormously in building up your defences!

    May you enjoy very good health in the near future! 🙂

  4. CG says:

    Love this post and the wisdom therein.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      It’s hard-won wisdom!

  5. I’m glad you’re past the rough stuff. You’ll be dancing again when it is time to do so.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      I will, thanks Priscilla.

  6. Jane Fritz says:

    Oh no, so sorry you’re having to deal with this. Practicing resting in all its forms is a good thing!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      It’s been a very small problem so far 🙂 I continue to be lucky.

  7. Timi Townsend says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you had Covid. I think that you are doing the right thing to rest as much as possible. That way, you will be able to dance again when everything is copacetic.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Oh what a wonderful word!

  8. Perhaps, after a suitable time perfecting your resting, you may have a rest from resting. You could go to the park and have a little dance around all by yourself. Be sure to make certain there are no small boys watching! Afterwards you could have a little rest on the bench.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Oh thank goodness you see the funny side. Therein lies my salvation.

  9. granny1947 says:

    Resting is good.
    Be kind to yourself.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Are you skilled at resting? Need any blindingly obvious advice? If so, I’m your woman.

  10. debscarey says:

    Ha ha! Love it 🙂 But you’re so right about the important of allowing for proper rest and recovery. A good friend of mine got meningitis some years ago, then raced back to her stressful job (because no-one told her she shouldn’t) and then either got meningitis again or it flared up again. She now suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (which long Covid sounds very much like). Sorry to hear you’ve had Covid, but pleased that it was mild. With your recovery programme, I’m sure all will be well. Enjoy your down time 🙂

  11. ~M says:

    I’m in the same boat as you right now. Resting as much as I can. It’s been a month now and I still have the lingering cough. I hope we’re both back to normal soon. 🤞🏻

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Do, do– rest, I mean, so I should say, do nothing, do nothing! And thank you. Yes, let’s try less hard and let nature do her good work.

  12. alison41 says:

    How is Ursula coping with a Restlessly Resting Owner? Indifferent? Sleepy? Supportive?

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Ah, that’s interesting. She has been subdued. Either doing a poor-me thing or catching my vibe. Which may be exactly the same thing. For what was that blog post if not a poor-me in disguise?

  13. Lois Roelofs says:

    I’ve not had CoVid. Yet. If I get it, I will take your advice and REST! And remember your humor.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Oh please do laugh 🙂

  14. I would be happy to sign your Advanced Diploma with Distinction for Resting after COVID. It’s a mouthful, but so much easier to say than to do. You did the right thing, and I’m proud of you.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      I would be honored. The Dip. Ad. Dis. Res. Cov. will hang on my wall along with my certificate for playing three chords on the ukulele And Singing At The Same Time and my Chartered It Professional certificate.

      1. I don’t have any diplomas on my wall. I’d better work on that. I should have recognition of the fact that I can’t do two things at once.

  15. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the giggle and pleased you had a mild case. Fingers crossed we stay Covid free at No.22, so far so good.

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Yes, good luck with that! It’s a fine balance these days,, staying safe but staying human.

      1. Suzanne says:

        Yes it certainly is a juggling act.

  16. cedar51 says:

    I’m sorry to hear you caught covid but great to hear you are recovering. On the matter of “resting” I’ve done a lot of it over the years and in particular the last few years as I try to recover from stuff that besieged my body and the GP keeps saying “you will get better…” so somehow I often spend a lot of time horizontal, not necessarily asleep. It’a skill you know “resting” like the “doing nothing” …

  17. Awesome resting skills! You deserve a certificate

  18. Take it slowly and take care.

  19. Alan Ralph says:

    Touch wood, I’ve evaded Covid’s clutches so far, though I did have to take the dreaded lateral flow tests a while back after my sister caught it briefly. (Thankfully, all were negative.) I will take your advice to heart, Rachel, and get practice in now. 🙂

  20. I am so glad you made it through! Well expressed, you have spoken for many of us, the frustrated

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Frustrated and confused.

      1. Yes ma’am. Hey, it was great to see you on YouTube again also

      2. Rachel McAlpine says:

        Thank you!