Letting go of stuff

Listen to two poems about decluttering and letting go of stuff. They’re about the kind of transformation that needs to happen as old age approaches. It’s not just material things that clutter up your life. There’s a sort of psychic clutter that has also got to go.

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Poetry reading: 3 poems about homes

We’ve just emerged from lockdown in New Zealand after stamping out COVID-19, at least for now. So we’ve spent a lot of time inside our homes. These 3 poems are about some of the 25+ homes I’ve occupied over 80 years.

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Poetry reading for my ex-husband Grant

I’m reading three poems now especially for Grant, the father of my children, who died a few days ago. He was 84. It’s forty years since we separated and these are not gloomy poems. Lust, A Family Secret, and My Dear Ghosts are in my new book, How To Be Old.

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