Radio interview about life after 90

Banner: cartoon drawing of 6 lively old people. Text: The secret lives of extremely old people. Written by Rachel McAlpine. Directed by Robin Payne. 25 Nov-17 Dec,, 04 801 7992

LIsten to a radio interview about life after 90 (link below). You haven’t missed it and you haven’t missed out on life.

Radio interviews: I love them. And they reach people all around the world.

Recently I was interviewed by a distinguished New Zealand radio journalist, Jim Mora. His Sunday Morning show is a favourite with listeners.

A good media interview needs art and skill… and experience. Skilled interviewers have well-researched background information at their fingertips. They make an interview seem like a spontaneous conversation, but they are always in charge. They don’t grill people. They don’t read stolidly from a list of questions regardless of the answers. No: they draw people out and they contribute their own interesting ideas. They get multiple interviews done in a single morning, switching from topic to topic more smoothly than you and I can change lanes walking on a footpath.

Behind every brilliant radio journalist is a brilliant team. Producers and researchers and sound engineers work in the background.

After my interview I heard from friends and relatives in Belgium, Kiribati, Vancouver, Brisbane — and of course New Zealand. I love the ability to listen after the event.

Speaking of which, you too can listen right now, wherever in the world you live.

Radio NZ interview: Is life worth living after 90?

(And is it? What do you think?)

5 thoughts on “Radio interview about life after 90

  1. Anonymous says:

    And, Days Bay (on replay)! 🙂

  2. Jane Fritz says:

    Terrific interview, Rachel. And lots to think about!

  3. I really enjoyed this Rachel. It is true that we are many ages, the more so the older we get. I think it is also true that negativity tends to shorten lives. Break a leg for Saturday. I hope all the audiences enjoy themselves as much as I’m sure the cast will do!

    1. Rachel McAlpine says:

      Thank you, Peter. Cast and crew have been a happy team, it’s true. That doesn’t happen by accident 🙂

      1. I used to enjoy taking part in Am Drams. It gives a tremendous sense of achievement.

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