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Cat climbing up walls—Spidercat

As light relief from her Olympic training—or maybe as a training component—Ursula the cat has been climbing up walls. Becoming Spidercat is well within her reach, except that she lacks even the slightest urge to save the world. She says it’s my fault, I send her up the wall. I have received a telepathic order […]

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Should cats do Pilates?

I know Ursula the British Shorthair is keen on Pilates. But is it good for her? Should cats do Pilates? Are there associated health hazards?

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The ballad of the cat and the dinosaurs

Celebrating the return of media to my WordPress blog with the ballad of Ursula the cat and the dinosaurs in a (pre)historic standoff.     Megalasaurus? Tyrannosaurus Rex? Spinosaurus? Tarbosaurus? Hog of the hedge?  

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